Are You Spending What You Are Earning?

Do you realize that whatever you earn today will one day stop being yours? After this life is over, your money will be inherited by others and they might use it whichever way they please. Once you depart, you will not be able to control what happens to your wealth. Are you happy with that thought? Are you planning to do something with your money? Or are you just going to let it be used carelessly? If not, what are you waiting for?

Start planning to invest your hard-earned money in doing something worthwhile. Make the best use of your wealth while you are in good health. Spend it before your end.

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Make the Best of Life

Talk to an elderly person around you – somebody around 70 years of age. While some of them will talk with mellowness and satisfaction of the life they have lived, some will talk about the regrets and how they have wasted their life. They had such great opportunities to be truly happy – they could have lived healthier and invested their life to a cause. They had the opportunity but they didn’t make the best use of it. Unfortunately, they lost it.

We are all gifted with this life and before it escapes us, we must make the best of it.

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Make Your Today Better than Yesterday

Would you like to build a better tomorrow? The way to do that is very simple. Try this method – make it a habit to make today better than yesterday. Try to make the day in front of you just a little better than the day that has just passed. Doing this is not difficult at all. Soon it will become a habit. As it becomes a habit, you will be able to make your today better than yesterday. Think about it.

What happens when tomorrow comes? When tomorrow becomes today and you are trying to make it better than yesterday, you are surely building a better tomorrow. It’s a very simple logic but people don’t understand it. Try it. Try making your today better than yesterday and then you will find yourself building a better tomorrow.

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The Attitude of Gratitude

We often regret and crib about things we don’t have — “I don’t have a car” or “I don’t have an LCD television”. We get so lost in our ordinary complaints that we forget to think about those who are deprived of the basic amenities like food, water or shelter; or even worse — of eyesight, hands or feet. We never realize that there are so many beautiful gifts that God has given us. We never realize that we are actually fortunate and blessed.

So how about doing things a little different today? Think about all the things you have; all those things in your life that you should be grateful for, thankful for. It is the attitude of gratitude that will give you true joy.

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Live Life Every Moment!

Ask a friend casually what he or she is doing. The answer that you will often get is: “Just passing time” or “killing time”. Isn’t it strange? What they unknowingly say in a casual tone has a deep meaning. In fact, whenever I hear such an answer, I feel alarmed. We will live up to only a certain age. With such limited time in our hands, how can there be time to “pass” or “kill”?

Think about it. What happened yesterday? Last week? Last month? Or last year? How soon did the time pass by? Realize that it is this moment that will create your days, your weeks, your months, your years and your life. If you want to get hold of your life, go ahead and grab the moment.  As they say in Latin ‘carpe diem’ that literally means seize the day.

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Think and Live Positive!

What is a negative attitude? It is the accumulation of negative behavior, negative responses and negative reactions. Obviously, there cannot be any positive outcome out of a negative attitude. Negative attitude brings along resentment towards life. In fact, negativity is like poison. It sucks away all the Joy, Bliss and Positivity that one has. For someone with negative attitude, there’s nothing positive left in life.

Be cautious of the fact – Sensible people think positively and live positively. Their life is filled with love, hope and happiness because they do not allow negativity to come close. Make it a habit to react positively always. Let your emotions and feelings always be positive!

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Time is more Valuable than Money

It is strange that you are losing the only treasure that you possess in life – Time. You lose time in making money. You lose more and more of your time in chasing more and more money. And what does it lead to?  A lot of money but no time. And what use is this huge pile of money when life comes to an end?

Treasure Time; It’s invaluable! All the money in the world cannot get back a moment that has just gone by.  Realize that time is more valuable than money, and live.

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