If we have billions and billions of dollars, we may be able to buy expensive cars, gadgets and mansions and we may be able to create beautiful monuments. But there is one thing that Money cannot create, and that is Time. No matter how many billions of dollars we have, we cannot buy an extra moment with Money – let alone an hour or day! An emperor has the same number of hours each day as a pauper, not a second more. Even if he wants to buy a minute, he cannot. On the other hand, if we have Time, we can always create wealth. Even if we lose Money, we can still think about recovering it or starting afresh and making more, but once a moment is gone, it’s gone forever. Now, doesn’t that make Time far more valuable than Money? And yet, many of us still value Money over Time.


If we think about it, our attitude towards Money is very strange. We guard our wealth with our lives. Many of us hoard Money, spend it frugally and try not to waste it, even though we know we cannot take a penny with us when we die.

But when it comes to Time, we become indifferent, we are careless. To some of us, Time doesn’t even matter. We just don’t care! If we did, wouldn’t we respect Time? Would we waste it in meaningless pursuits that don’t matter to us? Would we while it away in purposeless activities? Would we let valuable moments pass us by in being miserable, or allow our past to make a wreck of our present? We make sure that we make the most of our Money, but do we ensure that we do the same with our Time?

There is little that most of us do to enjoy Time or effectively manage it, or save it by being efficient and result oriented. Not only that, we also complain, “I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have Time.” This is how we end up living our lives – with a long list of things to do, but without any effort to make Time to do such things. And then one fine day, our Time is up. It’s Time for us to leave this world, to let go of the gift of Life that gave us endless opportunities to do innumerable things, to do what we loved.

We may have millions of dollars in our bank when our ‘Time’ comes. We may be surrounded with opulent furniture, servants and what not, but if we wanted that one extra moment, not all the wealth in the world could bring it to us.

Isn’t it TIME to set our priorities right? One needs Money to survive, but we all need Time to Live. Let’s not waste Time. Let’s not trivialise it. Let’s value every moment that we have. Remember, we don’t have infinite Time. Let’s make every minute count, every hour special, every day memorable!

Always remember, Time is more valuable than Money.

About RVM

RVM is a 'Positivelife' philosopher, an Author, Speaker, Poet, Singer, Philanthropist and Motivator. He was one of the earliest, successful Indian retailers who transformed retailing in India through his stores – Kids Kemp, Big Kids Kemp and Kemp Fort , Bangalore. At the peak of his career, he decided to move away from his retail business and dedicate his life to more meaningful humanitarian work. He is now a well respected philosopher, poet, singer, speaker, motivator, author and philanthropist. He started a Trust which has built the 125-bed capacity RVM Humanitarian Home for the destitute and needy. He also started the RVM Humanitarian Hospital, which is growing from a 150-bed charitable hospital to a 1000-bed one, offering free medical services to the poorest of the poor to reduce pain and suffering. His spiritual efforts to spread the power of faith led him to build a 65 foot statue of LORD SHIVA at the Shiva temple, Old Airport Road, Bangalore which has now become a revered spiritual destination. RVM has devoted his life to spread the RVM philosophy, which stands for Rejoice, Value life, Make a difference. To share this exciting way of living, he has authored many books, some of which are I Wanna Be Happy, The A To Z Of A Life Philosophy, PEPower and Succsex. He hopes to help others to discover a way to live a more meaningful life with a purpose, thereby making a difference before their life's journey ends.
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