Let us Truly Be ALIVE!

“Today, I know I have 1440 minutes that will soon tick by, second by second. I will not let a minute go by without living it the way I want to”. – RVM 

Let us Truly Be ALIVE! 

Neither does Time discriminate against anyone, nor does it wait for anyone. It doesn’t give extra hours to the rich to build an empire, nor does it give extra time to the poor to earn more. Each one of us has 1440 minutes every day. Be it a man or a woman, a beggar or a businessman – we all have the same 1440 minutes a day.  

Every minute of these 1440 minutes matters because Time is ticking by. A minute gone is gone forever. It can never come back again. A day gone is a day gone. We cannot go back into the past to steal some hours. Nor can we borrow minutes from the future to finish what we have to do today.

Time flies. Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, hours turn into days, days into months, months into years and years into a lifetime. Before we know it, our journey of life is over! What ultimately matters is how we lived – were we happy? How did we use the time given to us, those 1440 minutes every day – what did we do with them? What did we do with every single minute?

Most of us fail to make the most of our time. We waste it doing meaningless, mindless things!

Make the most of every Moment!

If we want to make the most of our time, let us remember to focus on WHAT WE DO! 

  • Engage in meaningful pursuits that help us reach our goals.
  • Busy ourselves with things that offer opportunities for growth and development. Let us Grow through Life, not simply Go through it.
  • Let us not do things just because it is expected or demanded of us, but because we truly want to.
  • Let’s stay away from mindless chases that have no connection with our dreams or passions.
  • We must fill our hours with things that bring us joy or happiness.
  • Let us not get caught in a rut of mechanical existence, of chores and responsibilities every day. ENJOY every minute.


Remember, we do not have access to unlimited minutes.  Our journey of life will come to an end one day. Doesn’t it make sense to use every moment doing things we love to do? Introspect.  Find out your true passion. How can we make the most of our time if we don’t even know what we want to do?


Remember, time is ticking by. Every single minute counts. We can either use it or lose it. If we think about it, one may say that a minute seems like such a tiny fraction of time, but think deeper and you will realize that ultimately it is these minutes that make a lifetime. So, how do you want to live each moment? Live it the way YOU want to. Grab every moment! Rejoice in it!

Live every moment, you will truly Live Life! 

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If we have billions and billions of dollars, we may be able to buy expensive cars, gadgets and mansions and we may be able to create beautiful monuments. But there is one thing that Money cannot create, and that is Time. No matter how many billions of dollars we have, we cannot buy an extra moment with Money – let alone an hour or day! An emperor has the same number of hours each day as a pauper, not a second more. Even if he wants to buy a minute, he cannot. On the other hand, if we have Time, we can always create wealth. Even if we lose Money, we can still think about recovering it or starting afresh and making more, but once a moment is gone, it’s gone forever. Now, doesn’t that make Time far more valuable than Money? And yet, many of us still value Money over Time.


If we think about it, our attitude towards Money is very strange. We guard our wealth with our lives. Many of us hoard Money, spend it frugally and try not to waste it, even though we know we cannot take a penny with us when we die.

But when it comes to Time, we become indifferent, we are careless. To some of us, Time doesn’t even matter. We just don’t care! If we did, wouldn’t we respect Time? Would we waste it in meaningless pursuits that don’t matter to us? Would we while it away in purposeless activities? Would we let valuable moments pass us by in being miserable, or allow our past to make a wreck of our present? We make sure that we make the most of our Money, but do we ensure that we do the same with our Time?

There is little that most of us do to enjoy Time or effectively manage it, or save it by being efficient and result oriented. Not only that, we also complain, “I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have Time.” This is how we end up living our lives – with a long list of things to do, but without any effort to make Time to do such things. And then one fine day, our Time is up. It’s Time for us to leave this world, to let go of the gift of Life that gave us endless opportunities to do innumerable things, to do what we loved.

We may have millions of dollars in our bank when our ‘Time’ comes. We may be surrounded with opulent furniture, servants and what not, but if we wanted that one extra moment, not all the wealth in the world could bring it to us.

Isn’t it TIME to set our priorities right? One needs Money to survive, but we all need Time to Live. Let’s not waste Time. Let’s not trivialise it. Let’s value every moment that we have. Remember, we don’t have infinite Time. Let’s make every minute count, every hour special, every day memorable!

Always remember, Time is more valuable than Money.

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If you can be Glad, but you choose to be Sad…You are MAD!

We are all a little crazy. Why? Because we can choose to be Happy, yet we choose to be Sad! Now, doesn’t that make us Mad? Happiness is a choice. It is up to us to be Happy. We must first decide to be Happy, no matter what, and then, work towards being Happy.

Life is Life. Things will happen around us. There will be events that disturb us, people who anger and provoke us. Neither can we control those events, nor can we control people. What we CAN control is our reaction to such happenings and people, because ultimately, it is our own reactions that make us unhappy.

How will we react when things go wrong for us?  Will we lose our calm and become furious?  Will we turn bitter and full of hate? Will we fall into a bottomless pit of self-pity? Will we lose confidence in ourselves?

Or will we brace ourselves and deal with unpleasant situations and people with a calm mind, a smile, with courage, fortitude and patience? This, to be precise, determines how Happy we will be.

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 Let Go. Forget and Forgive!

Sometimes, for our own peace of mind, we simply need to let go of events or people who hurt us. Do we do that? No. On the contrary! We keep thinking about it. We hold on to our hurt. We curse our hurt, nurse it and rehearse it, when we should actually reverse it! We begin to carry a grudge that grows bigger with time. We refuse to forget, forgive and move on. The result? No one suffers but us. We become miserable. We become bitter and desperate. With so much negativity in our lives, how can we ever be Happy?

Reflect. Why do we react the way we do? It is our own choice! No one tells us to become agitated. Does anyone hold us at gun point and say, “Keep thinking about who hurt you. Be furious!” Certainly not. We do it of our own accord. And this is what we must change.

Each one of us holds the key to our own Happiness!



*           Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s not worth it.
*           Not every argument has to be won.
*           Learn to handle situations calmly. 
*           Don’t overreact. Even if you react impulsively, you may regret it    later.
*           Don’t let people or circumstances rob you of your Happiness. Be in control. Why should anyone have that kind of power over you?
*           Don’t take everything so seriously. Smile, laugh, enjoy the little things of Life!
*           Accept people as they are – imperfect and flawed. Accept events you can’t change.
*           Embrace positive energies. Be loving, hopeful and compassionate. 
*           Help others! Selfless acts of kindness contribute to our sense of well-being – it’s a proven fact.

Learn to be Happy. Choose to be Happy!

Despite knowing that we can be Glad,  if we still choose to be Sad, then aren’t we Mad?

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Unlock the Treasure Chest of Life

Life is a Treasure Chest and we all have the key to it. Unfortunately, many of us don’t unlock the treasure, but take the key to our grave.

Isn’t it true that life is a treasure chest and we all are searching for the treasure of Joy, Happiness and Fulfillment? But, do all of us find this treasure before our journey is over? We all have the key to this treasure. We all can choose to be happy and make life meaningful. Often people lose this treasure of life and take the key to their grave. They live life unhappily and this treasure called Life is lost because they didn’t unlock the treasure and live it. Live before you die. After all, of what use is the treasure life offers to us, if we don’t discover the Joy and Fulfillment that we can experience.

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Add Colour to Your Life

Some people live such boring lives; it’s Black & White, so dead! I choose to color my life with Fun, some Blue, some Green, some Red.

When I look around, I find many people living boring lives; there is no excitement, no fun. They are not rejoicing each day, let alone months and years. They say, “I do go out for a holiday once a year”. But otherwise their lives are mundane, ordinary, without spice and without anything to look forward to. Don’t live your life that way. Add fun to your life. Add color to your life – make a day red, another day blue and another green – so that in the end your life is like a beautiful painting. Enjoy every moment and every day of your life doing things you Love and things that make you truly happy. Remind yourself that life is about making everyday a celebration with colors that will make you dance and scream with joy.

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Live Life Gracefully

You know what life is all about, but still you keep running. You continue to run after the unimportant things. When will you realize that the purpose of life is not to run but to enjoy it and live gracefully? When we get stuck in the maze of life, we just go around in circles till our fuel is over. Game Over! Is that life? NO! Life is about living gracefully, peacefully and blissfully. It’s about enjoying the journey; not dashing towards an unknown destination.

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Let the Positive Enter Your Life

Only one of these two emotions can exist in your life – Positive or Negative. The good news is which one stays is solely your choice. It is in your hands to choose the emotion which will rule your life. Remember, if you let positive emotions take charge of your life, then there will be no place for the negative ones to enter. But if you let the negative ones take charge, then unfortunately, positivity will find no place to fit in. So take proper care of your life, fill it with positive emotions and you will be the master of your destiny.

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