Live Life Every Moment!

Ask a friend casually what he or she is doing. The answer that you will often get is: “Just passing time” or “killing time”. Isn’t it strange? What they unknowingly say in a casual tone has a deep meaning. In fact, whenever I hear such an answer, I feel alarmed. We will live up to only a certain age. With such limited time in our hands, how can there be time to “pass” or “kill”?

Think about it. What happened yesterday? Last week? Last month? Or last year? How soon did the time pass by? Realize that it is this moment that will create your days, your weeks, your months, your years and your life. If you want to get hold of your life, go ahead and grab the moment.  As they say in Latin ‘carpe diem’ that literally means seize the day.

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Think and Live Positive!

What is a negative attitude? It is the accumulation of negative behavior, negative responses and negative reactions. Obviously, there cannot be any positive outcome out of a negative attitude. Negative attitude brings along resentment towards life. In fact, negativity is like poison. It sucks away all the Joy, Bliss and Positivity that one has. For someone with negative attitude, there’s nothing positive left in life.

Be cautious of the fact – Sensible people think positively and live positively. Their life is filled with love, hope and happiness because they do not allow negativity to come close. Make it a habit to react positively always. Let your emotions and feelings always be positive!

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Time is more Valuable than Money

It is strange that you are losing the only treasure that you possess in life – Time. You lose time in making money. You lose more and more of your time in chasing more and more money. And what does it lead to?  A lot of money but no time. And what use is this huge pile of money when life comes to an end?

Treasure Time; It’s invaluable! All the money in the world cannot get back a moment that has just gone by.  Realize that time is more valuable than money, and live.

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Enjoy the Rainbow and Dance in the Rain!

I have observed that as soon as the monsoon season starts, instead of talking about the rain and the joy it brings, people start discussing potholes, puddles and traffic jams. And when the sun shines through the drizzle and the rainbow appears, everybody is happy again. But remember, life is about both – day and night, pleasure and pain, rainbow and rain.

If you want to truly enjoy, you will have to accept life with all its ups and downs. If you want to see a beautiful rainbow, you will have to enjoy the rain jumping through puddles as well. If you don’t, you will be enjoying only one part of your life and thus an incomplete one. So next time it rains, forget the umbrella, step out and dance your heart out.

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Live in the Present!

What happens when you regret the past? You think about all the wrongs and you feel sad, right? What happens when you start thinking too much about the future? You think about all the unforeseen dangers and fear comes along. You feel unhappy. Even though thinking about both brings only unhappiness, you keep shuffling between the two. Regretting the past and fearing the future, you forget to live the present moment. Forget them both. Live in the present moment. Wipe out the past and throw your worries about the future out of the door. Live in the ‘NOW’, in this moment, with joy and happiness.

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Make the Best of Every Moment!

Each day has 24 hours. That means each day you have 1440 minutes. That in turn means that each day you have 1440 chances of feeling Joy, Bliss and Happiness. But are you making the most of all the chances you have? Are you happy for all those 1440 minutes? Are you at least trying? Don’t get so caught up in the complexities of life that you forget to enjoy it. Or else, moment by moment, you will lose it. And before you realize, the day will be gone and it is never going to come back. Stop and make a commitment to yourself that you will not waste anymore time in misery because that moment will never come back. Resolve to make the best of each minute. Start Now!

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Enjoy the Little Things in Life!

Many of us are so busy craving for the big things in life that we forget to enjoy the small things. Look around you, there are so many small things that make life a fun-filled journey. It can be the breeze through the trees; it can be receiving a smile from a loved one, wishing somebody in the morning or a telephone call from somebody you care about. There are many little things in life that can bring you happiness. Alas! You get so caught up in chasing the big things that you forget the little things. And thus, you forget to enjoy life. Don’t let that happen.

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